Chapter 7. G

Table of Contents
Garbage collection The mechanism by which deallocated strings and objects are cleared from memory.
Get() Internal private function that is used to access public properties.
GetBase() Internal private function.
getClass() Returns the JavaClass of a JavaObject.
GetObject() A JScript function that returns a reference to an object representing a file belonging to an application on your system.
GetPropertyName() Internal private function.
GetValue() Internal private function.
Global code Script source that is outside of any function code blocks.
Global object A special type of object that is always available in the prototype chain.
Global.undefined A globally available copy of the undefined value.
Global special variable Special variables that are globally available.
Glow() A visual filter for adding a glow effect
Glue code Supporting code to integrate JavaScript with the environment.
Gotcha A pitfall or catch-out for the unwary and the experienced script developer.
goto Reserved for future language enhancements.
Gradient() A procedural definition of a gradient effect.
GradientWipe() A transition effect with the appearance of a wipe with a soft edge.
Grayscale() A visual filter for converting to a grayscale appearance.
Greater than (>) Compares two operands to determine which is nearer to +Infinity.
Greater than or equal to (>=) Compare two operands to determine which is nearer to +Infinity or whether they are equal.
Grouping operator ( ) A means of controlling precedence of evaluation in expressions.