Chapter 9. I

Table of Contents
I object An object that represents the font style controlled by the <I> HTML tag.
iCab A web browser alternative to MSIE and Netscape Navigator.
ID="..." MSIE document objects can be referenced conveniently with an ID name if it is added with this tag attribute.
Identically equal to (===) Compares two values for equality and identical type.
Identifier A means of referring uniquely to a variable, property or method.
Identifier resolution The process of resolving and locating an identifier.
Identity operator A close cousin of the equality operator family.
ids An alternative reference to the document.ids property in JSSS.
IEEE 754 An international standard for floating point number handling and storage in 8 bytes.
if( ... ) ... A conditional execution mechanism.
if( ... ) ... else ... A conditional execution mechanism.
IFRAME object An object that represents an <IFRAME> tag.
IFRAME.align A controlling attribute that affects the alignment of the <IFRAME> with respect to its parent object.
IFRAME.frameBorder Describe a 3D border effect to be drawn round the inline frame.
IFRAME.frameSpacing A frame spacing margin around the <IFRAME> object.
IFRAME.height Contains the height of the inline frame.
IFRAME.hspace A measure of the horizontal spacing either side of the <IFRAME> to separate it from any adjacent objects.
IFRAME.longDesc This is a URL which points at a document containing a long description of the contents of this frame.
IFRAME.marginHeight A measure of the vertical margin above and below the <IFRAME> object.
IFRAME.marginWidth A measure of the horizontal margin to the left and right of the <IFRAME> object. The value of the NAME="..." HTML tag attribute.
IFRAME.noResize A switch value that controls whether the <IFRAME> can be resized or not.
IFRAME.scrolling A switching attribute that controls the appearance of scrollbars on the <IFRAME> when its content exceeds the available space.
IFRAME.src The URL of the document content inside the <IFRAME> object.
IFRAME.tabIndex A numeric ordering of the <IFRAME> within the parent document's tabbing sequence.
IFRAME.vspace A spacing in the vertical axis between the <IFRAME> and its adjacent objects.
IFRAME.width Contains the width of the inline frame.
IIS Internet Information Server. A Microsoft server product.
Image animation Using cached images to animate an image.
Image object An object representing an HTML <IMG> tag in Netscape.
Image() A constructor for new browser images.
Image() A function for constructing new browser images.
Image.border The thickness of the border round an image.
Image.Class Internal property that returns an object class.
Image.complete The current state of an image loading operation.
Image.constructor An Image object constructor.
Image.height The height of an image.
Image.hspace The horizontal spacing attribute value.
Image.lowsrc The low-resolution version of the image can be supplied from this URL. This corresponds to the NAME attribute of the <IMG> tag.
Image.src The URL where the image is located.
Image.vspace The vertical spacing attribute value.
Image.width The width of an image.
Image.x The X coordinate of the image within the client display area.
Image.y The Y coordinate of the image within the client display area.
Image preloading A technique for caching images locally in readiness for an animation.
ImageArray object A collection of Image objects.
ImageArray.item() An item selector for accessing a single image within the collection.
ImageArray.length A collection of image objects in the current document.
IMG object The MSIE object wrapper for images.
IMG.align The alignment of an image within its surrounding objects.
IMG.alt An alternative text used when the image is defined as an input item.
IMG.border Controls the border around an image object.
IMG.complete Returns a value indicating whether the image has completely loaded or not.
IMG.dynsrc The URL of a video clip that can be played where an image would normally have been located.
IMG.fileCreatedDate The date that the image file was created.
IMG.fileModifiedDate The date that image file was last modified.
IMG.fileSize The size of the image file.
IMG.fileUpdatedDate The date that the image file was last updated.
IMG.height The height of the image within the client display surface.
IMG.href The URL where the image was loaded from. This is identical to the SRC="..." HTML tag attribute.
IMG.hspace The horizontal spacing either side of the image.
IMG.iccProfile The color of an image may appear different from one platform to another. This indicates the color profile that was used when the image was created so you can make adjustments if necessary.
IMG.isMap Indicates whether the image is acting as a server-side image map.
IMG.longDesc This is a long description of the image file.
IMG.loop This controls the looping of a video clip that is loaded with the dynsrc attribute.
IMG.lowsrc The URL of a low-resolution image that can be loaded quickly. This corresponds to the NAME attribute of the <IMG> tag.
IMG.protocol The protocol that was used in the image URL.
IMG.prototype The prototype for the IMG object that can be used to extend the interface for all IMG objects.
IMG.readyState The current disposition of the image as it is being loaded.
IMG.src The URL where the image can be loaded from.
IMG.start The state of the image when it started loading a dynamic source.
IMG.useMap The URL of a <MAP> defined hash element that defines a client-side image map.
IMG.vspace The vertical margin above and below the image.
IMG.width The width of the image on the client display surface.
Implementation A JavaScript interpreter provided in a usable form that can execute scripts.
Implementation object A special core object that describes the DOM implementation.
Implementation.hasFeature() A means of enquiring whether a certain feature is supported by the DOM implementation.
Implementation-defined behavior Correct behavior that is specific to a particular implementation.
Implementation-supplied code Script source that is provided by the implementation.
Implementation-supplied function The script interpreter can provide functions.
implements Reserved for future language enhancements.
Implicit conversion Type conversions that happen automatically.
ImplicitParents An internal attribute of a function object referred to by an object property.
ImplicitThis An internal Function object property.
import Import some properties that have been exported from another execution context.
in Test for the existence of a property in an object.
in ... Part of the for ... in code execution mechanism.
In leap year A date and time algorithm defined by ECMAScript.
Included JavaScript files The technique of including JavaScript files from external locations.
Increment value (++) Pre or post incrementing operator.
Infinity A literal constant whose type is a built in primitive value.
Inheritance Inheritance is provided through a prototype chain.
Initialization Setting a variable to its initial condition.
Inline script Code that is embedded in a page or executed during page loading.
Inline tags An inline element can be placed anywhere inside a line of text.
innerHeight An alias for the window.innerHeight property.
innerWidth An alias for the window.innerWidth property.
Input event Another name for a raw input event. These are sometimes called HTML control events.
Input object Another name for a FormElement object.
Input.accept Defines an acceptable MIME type to be submitted to the server.
Input.accessKey A key that needs to be pressed before the input object will respond to data entry.
Input.align The alignment of the paragraph object with respect to its parent object.
Input.alt An alternative text, used when an image is defined as an input item.
Input.blur() Removes input focus from the input element.
Input.checked The state of the button is returned by this property. Sends an artificial mouse click event to the input element.
Input.createTextRange() Used in MSIE for creating a text range.
Input.dataFld This binds the input object to a remote data source in MSIE.
Input.dataFormatAs Indicates whether data loaded from the database should be treated as text or HTML.
Input.dataSrc The name of a remote ODBC data source is stored in this property.
Input.defaultChecked The default checked state for a radio button or checkbox in a form.
Input.defaultValue The default value of the Input object when the page was loaded.
Input.disabled Activates and deactivates the input element within the form.
Input.focus() Brings input focus back to the input element.
Input.form The form object that the input element belongs to.
Input.handleEvent() Pass an event to the appropriate handler for this object.
Input.maxLength The maximum length allowed for an input entry field. This corresponds to the NAME attribute of the <INPUT> tag.
Input.onevent Input objects support a variety of different events.
Input.readOnly Set to true if the input text field cannot be changed.
Input.recordNumber The record number within the data set that created the input element's content. Triggers a Select event on an input object.
Input.size Returns the size of the file to be uploaded when the Input object represents a file upload.
Input.src The URL where the image is located when an input object represents a clickable image.
Input.tabIndex A control of where the form input element appears in the tabbing order of the page.
Input.type The type of a form input element.
Input.value The value associated with the input element.
Input-output Reading data in and writing data out.
InputArray object A collection of identically named input elements.
INS object An object representing an <INS> tag in the document.
INS.cite A string of characters citing the reason for the <INS> element being placed into the document.
INS.dateTime The date and time relating to the owning <INS> element.
Inset() A diagonal wipe across the image, revealing a new image.
Instance method A method belonging to an instance of a class.
Instance variable A variable property belonging to an instance of a class.
instanceof Checks to see if an object is an instance of another object.
Instantiating Function Another name for a constructor mechanism.
int Reserved for future language enhancements.
Integer A type of number value.
Integer arithmetic Arithmetic operations performed on integer values.
Integer constant A numeric value expressed as an integer.
Integer promotion The action of converting a value during expression evaluation.
Integer-value-remainder Integer rounding functions.
interface Reserved for future language enhancements.
Internal function Internal functions are built into the language interpreter but are private.
Internal Method ECMAScript describes internal methods that are private.
Internal Property ECMAScript describes internal methods that are private.
Internet Explorer A Microsoft web browser product.
Internet Information Server Internet Information Server. A Microsoft server product.
Interpret The act of parsing a JavaScript script source text.
Interval handlers You can set event handlers to be called periodically on a regular basis.
Intrinsic events Those events that pertain to HTML rather than any other host based triggers.
Invert() A visual filter for inverting image colors.
Invoke a function To execute a function when the script is running.
Iris() A transition effect with the appearance of an iris opening or closing.
isAlnum() Check if a character is a number or letter.
isAlpha() Check if a character is a letter.
isCtrl() Check if a character is a control code.
isDigit() Check if a character is a digit.
isElementProperty() A function that tells you whether a property name is inherited from Element objects.
isFinite() Test a numeric value for infinity.
isGraph() Check if a character is a printable glyph.
ISINDEX object A deprecated object that represents the <ISINDEX> tag. Do not use this in new projects. This tag describes text entry field with an associated prompting text.
ISINDEX.form Returns a reference to a containing Form object. If there is none, then a null is returned instead.
ISINDEX.prompt A property relating to the deprecated <ISINDEX> object. Avoid the use of this object and property in new projects. This property provides a prompting text message for the text entry field.
isInNet() This is a convenience function for use with proxy.pac files.
isLower() Check if character is lower case.
isNaN() Test a numeric value for validity.
ISO 3166 An ISO standard that identifies different countries.
ISO 639 An ISO standard that defines language code values.
isObjectEqual() Compare the properties of two objects for equality.
isODigit() Check if character is an octal numeral.
isPlainHostName() This is a convenience function for use with proxy.pac files.
isPrint() Check if a character is printable.
isPunct() Check if a character is a punctuation mark.
isSpace() Check if a character is whitespace.
isUpper() Check if a character is upper case.
isXDigit() Check if character is a hexadecimal numeral.
Iteration statement A block of repeating code - a loop.