Chapter 10. J

Table of Contents
.jar Java archive file.
Java A language developed by Sun Microsystems that is useful for building plugins for web pages.
.java Java source file.
Java calling JavaScript Java has mechanisms for calling back to JavaScript directly.
Java exception events Exceptions in Java applets can trigger JavaScript code in the containing web page.
Java method calls JavaScript allows Java methods to be called natively.
Java method data conversion Data types are mapped and converted between JavaScript and Java when methods are called.
Java to JavaScript values Conversion of Java primitives and objects to JavaScript compatible types.
java A short cut reference to the object.
java.awt A JavaPackage that represents the Abstract Windowing Toolkit.
java.awt.Button A JavaClass object that represents the java.awt.Button class.
java.awt.image A JavaClass object that represents the java.awt.image class.
java.lang The Java language package.
java.lang.Boolean The Java Boolean class.
java.lang.Character The Java Character class.
java.lang.Class The Java Class class.
java.lang.Double The Java numeric double precision class.
java.lang.Float The Java Floating point numeric class.
java.lang.Integer The Java integer numeric class.
java.lang.Long The Java long numeric class.
java.lang.Object This is the super-class of all objects in the Java lang environment.
java.lang.String The Java String class.
java.util The Java utility package.
java.util.Date The Java Date object.
JavaArray object A JavaScript data type that encapsulates a Java array.
JavaArray.length The length of the Java array encapsulated by the JavaArray object.
JavaArray.toString() A string primitive representation of the JavaArray contents.
JavaClass object A JavaScript data type that encapsulates a Java Class.
JavaMethod object A deprecated way of encapsulating method calls on Java objects from JavaScript.
JavaObject object A JavaScript data type that encapsulates a Java object. These are generally going to be members of the Java component class
JavaObject.booleanValue() This is the value that is used when the JavaObject is used in a Boolean context.
JavaObject.getClass() A JavaScript method for obtaining the class of a JavaObject.
JavaPackage object A JavaScript data type that encapsulates a Java Package.
JavaScript Bookmark URLs Bookmarks composed of JavaScript calls.
JavaScript debugger console Netscape JavaScript debugger console window for viewing error logs.
JavaScript Document Source URL JavaScript can be called directly instead of fetching a page.
JavaScript embedded in Java Java applets can contain JavaScript code fragments that can be executed by the applet.
JavaScript entity This functionality is deprecated and should not be used in new projects.
JavaScript Image Source URL Image data can be generated in some browsers.
JavaScript interactive URL An interactive JavaScript statement executor.
JavaScript language JavaScript overview summary.
JavaScript Style Sheets A standard for describing style sheets.
JavaScript to Java values Conversion of JavaScript primitives and objects to Java compatible types.
JavaScript version The version history for JavaScript.
javascript: URL Executes some JavaScript code instead of fetching a document.
JellyScript The JavaScript interpreter inside a WebTV set-top box is referred to as JellyScript.
.js JavaScript include file.
.jsc JavaScript configuration file.
JScript version The version history for JScript.
.jse Nombas ScriptEase source file.
.jsh Nombas ScriptEase include file.
JSObject object A Java class that encapsulates JavaScript objects for access from Java code. Calls a method in the JavaScript object from the Java environment.
JSObject.eval() A means of invoking native JavaScript eval() functionality.
JSObject.getMember() Returns the value of a named property of the object belonging to a JavaScript object to a calling in the Java environment.
JSObject.getSlot() A means of accessing elements within an array encapsulated in a JSObject.
JSObject.getWindow() A static method to return a new JSObject that belongs to the window containing the applet.
JSObject.removeMember() Removes a property from a JavaScript object.
JSObject.setMember() Stores a new value in a property.
JSObject.setSlot() Stores an element in the JavaScript array.
JSObject.toString() Converts the object to a string value.
JSS A standard for describing style sheets in Netscape 4.0.
JSSClasses object A collection of JavaScript Style Sheet classes.
JSSClasses.className A JSS object corresponding to a single style class.
JSSTag object A single style object for use in Netscape 4.
JSSTag.align Specified the alignment of objects.
JSSTag.apply A special JSS supporting property that holds a reference to a callback function.
JSSTag.backgroundColor The background color for objects.
JSSTag.backgroundImage The URL of a background image for an object.
JSSTag.borderBottomWidth The thickness of the bottom edge of border round objects.
JSSTag.borderColor The color of the border around objects.
JSSTag.borderLeftWidth The thickness of the left edge of the border around objects.
JSSTag.borderRightWidth The thickness of the right edge of the border around objects.
JSSTag.borderStyle The type of line used for the border around objects.
JSSTag.borderTopWidth The thickness of the top edge of the border around objects.
JSSTag.borderWidths() Sets all of the border width values for an object.
JSSTag.clear A property that clears the style and forces the object to be displayed below a left- or right- aligned image.
JSSTag.color A foreground color for an object.
JSSTag.display Controls the display visibility of an object.
JSSTag.fontFamily The font family or typeface name for an object.
JSSTag.fontSize The font size for an object.
JSSTag.fontStyle The font attributes for an object.
JSSTag.fontWeight The weight of a font for an object. This is otherwise known as the boldness.
JSSTag.height The height of an object.
JSSTag.lineHeight The line height spacing for an object. This is the distance between the baselines of two adjacent lines of text.
JSSTag.listStyleType A list style bullet selector for the object.
JSSTag.marginBottom The margin at the bottom of an object.
JSSTag.marginLeft The margin at the left of an object.
JSSTag.marginRight The margin at the right of an object.
JSSTag.margins() Sets all margin values for an object.
JSSTag.marginTop The margin at the top of an object.
JSSTag.paddingBottom The padding at the bottom of an object.
JSSTag.paddingLeft The padding at the left of an object.
JSSTag.paddingRight The padding at the right of an object.
JSSTag.paddings() Sets all padding values for an object.
JSSTag.paddingTop The padding at the top of an object.
JSSTag.rgb() A JSS style control method.
JSSTag.textAlign The text alignment within the object.
JSSTag.textDecoration The text decoration (underline, overline etc) for text in the object.
JSSTag.textIndent The indentation of text in the object.
JSSTag.textTransform The transformation of text in the object.
JSSTag.verticalAlign Control over the vertical alignment of the object.
JSSTag.whiteSpace The control of white space collapsing or retention in the object.
JSSTag.width This is the width of an object.
JSSTags object Part of the Netscape Navigator style JSS rendering support.
JSSTags.<tagName> A JSS object corresponding to a single HTML tag.
Jump statement Unconditionally jump to a new location in the script.