Chapter 21. U

Table of Contents
U object An object that represents the font style controlled by the <U> HTML tag.
UDI Universal Document Identifier.
UIEvent object This is part of the DOM level 2 user interface event set.
UIEvent.detail Some detailed information about the Event object is made available as a numeric value.
UIEvent.initUIEvent() After creating a UIEvent object with document.createEvent(), it must be initialized with this method call.
UIEvent.view A reference to the AbstractView object that generated the event.
UL object An object that encapsulates an unordered list in a <UL> tag.
UL.compact A switch that compacts the unordered list content to occupy less space on the screen.
UL.type A control for the type of listing style that is presented.
Unary expression An operator prefixing an operand.
Unary operator An operator that requires only one operand to create an expression.
undefined A literal constant whose type is a built-in primitive value.
Undefined behaviour Erroneous operations not described in the standard.
undefined type A native built-in type.
Undocumented features Aside from the features covered in official documentation, browsers support many other hidden capabilities.
unescape() Un-URL-escape a string.
Unicode A character encoding standard.
Universal coordinated time A universal standard time that is synchronized to GMT.
UniversalBrowserAccess A combination of both read and write access.
UniversalBrowserRead A privilege to grant read access to browser internals.
UniversalBrowserWrite A privilege that grants the ability to write to internal browser values.
UniversalFileRead A privilege to grant access to read a file in the file system.
UniversalPreferencesRead A privilege that allows access to preferences information.
UniversalPreferencesWrite A privilege that grants the ability to change preferences settings.
UniversalSendMail A privilege that grants the permission to send mail.
Unspecified behavior Correct behavior that is not specified in the standard.
untaint() A deprecated method for controlling secure access to data values.
unwatch() Un-set a watch-point for a named property of an object.
URI A Uniform Resource Identifier.
URI handling functions ECMA edition 3 describes a set of functions it refers to as URI handling properties.
URIError object A native error object based on the Error object.
URL A Uniform Resource Locator.
Url object An object that represents URLs in Netscape but which has extensions in MSIE.
Url.charset The character set of the document pointed at by the HREF="..." HTML tag attribute of an anchor.
Url.coords The co-ordinates on screen where the object represented by the URL is located.
Url.hash The hash delimited item at the end of an HREF URL if there is one. The hostname and port number of an HREF URL if there is one.
Url.hostname The hostname of an HREF URL if there is one.
Url.href The complete HREF of an HREF URL if there is one.
Url.hreflang The language that the document at the HREF location is coded in.
Url.Methods A collection of methods belonging to the URL.
Url.mimeType The MIME type used to access the document pointed at by the URL. In MSIE, the property is another way to access the property.
Url.nameProp The filename portion of the URL value.
Url.pathname The pathname portion of an HREF URL if there is one.
Url.port The port value of an HREF URL if there is one.
Url.protocol The protocol value of an HREF URL if there is one.
Url.protocolLong A long, human readable description of the protocol.
Url.rel The relationship of this element to the document pointed at by the URL.
Url.rev The relationship of the document pointed at by the URL to this element. The query portion of an HREF URL if there is one.
Url.shape The shape of an area in an image map that this URL is associated with. The target attribute of an <A> tag if there is one.
Url.text The text that appears between the <A> and </A> tags.
Url.type The MIME type of the document that the URL points at.
Url.urn A URN value derived from the URL.
Url.x The X co-ordinate of a link.
Url.y The Y co-ordinate of a link.
URN A Uniform Resource Name.
User-generated object An object created under script control.
userDefined object You can define your own objects in several different ways.
userProfile object An object that encapsulates a user's profile within the system.
userProfile.addReadRequest() Adds a request to read a property of the user profile. These are queued up to have permission requested from the user.
userProfile.clearRequest() Clear all read requests from the queue.
userProfile.doReadRequest() Execute the current queue of read requests, asking the user for permission to access these properties of the profile.
userProfile.getAttribute() Get an attribute of the vCard object.
UTC Universel Temps Cordonne.
Utility objects Netscape Enterprise Server provides server-side utility objects to give assistance when running server-side JavaScript.