Chapter 22. V

Table of Contents
Value of an expression The result obtained by evaluating an expression.
Value preserving The act of converting values from one data type to another should preserve the value with no loss of resolution.
Value property A property value of an object.
valueOf() Returns the primitive equivalent value of the receiving object.
var A variable declarator.
VAR object An object representing the HTML content delimited by the <VAR> tags.
Variable A named storage receptacle for script accessible values.
Variable Declaration Variable declarations are stored as properties in an object.
Variable instantiation Variables are local to one execution context.
Variable name The name of a variable that is unique within a block but not necessarily within the scope chain.
Variable statement A variable statement uses the var keyword to preface a list of variable declarations.
VBArray object A special JScript object for interacting with Visual Basic or VBScript array data.
VBArray() A constructor function for creating new VBArray objects.
VBArray.dimensions() A method for requesting the number of dimensions of the array.
VBArray.getItem() An accessor method for retrieving items from the array.
VBArray.lbound() A method that returns the index position of the first element in the VBArray.
VBArray.toArray() A conversion method for creating a JScript array object from a VBArray object.
VBArray.ubound() A method that returns the index position of the last element in the VBArray.
vCard object This is an object accessible only through the user preferences interface in the MSIE browser.
Version History Historical details of JavaScript versions.
view-source: URL You can use this for debugging in both Netscape and MSIE.
Visual filters The MSIE browser in version 4.0 and upwards now supports visual transition effects to use when modifying page content or navigating from page to page.
void Force an undefined value to replace an operand.
void expression An expression whose value is discarded and is evaluated purely for its side effects.
volatile Reserved for future language enhancements.