File extensions (Definition)

A means of determining file content by a part of its file name.

JavaScript can be contained in a variety of file types. The one that you use, depends on what you plan to do with the script and the kind of environment it is being used in. Here is a summary of the file types you are likely to encounter:

.123Lotus 123 Document
.3dmfQuickDraw 3D File
.669669 MOD Music
.8medAmiga OctaMed music
.8svxAmiga OctaMed music
.aiPostscript Document
.aifAIFF Audio
.aifcAIFF Audio
.aiffAIFF Audio
.alAmiga OctaMed music
.aniAnimated NeoChrome
.aprLotus Approach Document
.arcPC ARChive
.arjARJ Archive
.arrAnimated NeoChrome
.artAnimated NeoChrome
.auAU Audio/ULAW Audio
.aviMicrosoft Video
.barUnix BAR Archive
.bgaOS/2 Bitmap
.binMacBinary File
.binaryUntyped Binary Data
.bmpOS/2 Bitmap
.bmpWindows Bitmap
.bwOS/2 Bitmap
.cText File
.cdfChannel definition file
.cfgConfiguration file
.cgiCommon Gateway Interface dynamic page
.cgmAnimated NeoChrome
.cklCompromized Key List
.classJava Class File
.clpAnimated NeoChrome
.comMS-DOS Executable
.cpioUnix CPIO Archive
.cptCompact Pro Archive
.crlCertificate Revocation List
.cshC Shell Program
.cssText File
.ctAnimated NeoChrome
.cutAnimated NeoChrome
.cvsCanvas Drawing
.dbfDBase Document
.dcxAnimated NeoChrome
.dlDL Animation
.dllMS-DOS Executable
.docMicrosoft Word Document
.dotWord for Windows Template
.dqyExcel Worksheet
.dvDV Video
.dviTeX DVI Document
.encPre-encrypted Data
.epsEncapsulated Postscript document
.epsfEncapsulated Postscript document
.evyEnvoy Document
.exeMS-DOS Executable
.fdfForms Data Format
.fifFractal Image Format
.fitFlexible Image Transport
.flcDV Video/FLC Animation
.fliDV Video/FLC Animation
.fmFileMaker Pro Database
.fm3FileMaker Pro Database
.ftsAnimated NeoChrome
.gemAnimated NeoChrome
.gifGIF Image
.glDL Animation
.grpAnimated NeoChrome
.gtarGNU Tape Archive
.gzGNU Zip Compressed Data
.hText File
.hcomAmiga OctaMed music
.hdfHDF Data File
.hpglAnimated NeoChrome
.hqxMacintosh BinHex Archive
.htcMicrosoft HTML Component
.htmHTML web page
.htmlHTML web page
.ic1Animated NeoChrome
.ic2Animated NeoChrome
.ic3Animated NeoChrome
.icnAnimated NeoChrome
.icoAnimated NeoChrome
.iefIEF image
.iffAnimated NeoChrome
.ilbmAnimated NeoChrome
.imageApple DiskCopy Image
.imgAnimated NeoChrome
.iniText File
.iqyExcel Worksheet
.jarJava archive file
.javaJava source file
.jfifOS/2 Bitmap
.jfxTIFF Image
.jpeJPEG Image
.jpegJPEG Image
.jpgJPEG Image
.jsJavaScript include file
.jscJavaScript configuration file
.latexLaTeX Document
.lbmAnimated NeoChrome
.lckOld style configuration file
.lhaLHArc Archive
.lwpLotus WordPro Document
.lzhLHArc Archive
.m15DV Video/MPEG video/audio stream
.m1aMPEG audio stream
.m1aMPEG video/audio stream
.m1sDV Video/MPEG audio stream
.m1vMPEG video/audio stream
.m2sDV Video
.m2vDV Video
.m3uMP3 PlayLists
.m75DV Video/MPEG video/audio stream
.macMacPaint Image/PICT Image
.mdaMicrosoft Access Database
.mdbMicrosoft Access Database
.mdeMicrosoft Access Database
.medAmiga OctaMed music
.midMIDI Music
.midiMIDI Music
.mlML Source
.mochaJavaScript Program
.modAmiga OctaMed music
.moovQuickTime Movie
.movQuickTime Movie
.mp2MPEG video/audio stream
.mp2vMPEG2 Video
.mp3MPEG-1 Layer 3 audio stream/MPEG Movie
.mpaMPEG video/audio stream
.mpeMPEG video/audio stream
.mpegMPEG video/audio stream
.mpegvMPEG Video
.mpgMPEG video/audio stream
.mpmMPEG video/audio stream
.mpvMPEG video/audio stream
.mpv2MPEG2 Video
.mspAnimated NeoChrome
.mtm669 MOD Music
.mwMacWrite Document
.mwiiMacWrite Document
.neoAnimated NeoChrome
.nstAmiga OctaMed music
.objMS-DOS Executable
.odaODA Document
.oktAmiga OctaMed music
.or2Lotus Organizer Document
.or3Lotus Organizer Document
.orgLotus Organizer Document
.otfOpenType Font
.outUntyped Binary Data
.ovlMS-DOS Executable
.p7cPKCS7 Encrypted Data
.p7mPKCS7 Encrypted Data
.p7sPKCS7 Signature
.pacA proxy or parameter package file (also a NeoChrome image file)
.pbmPortable Bitmap
.pc1Animated NeoChrome
.pc2Animated NeoChrome
.pc3Animated NeoChrome
.pcdPhotoCD Image
.pcsAnimated NeoChrome
.pctPICT Image
.pcxAnimated NeoChrome
.pdfPortable Document Format
.pfPrivate File
.pgmPortable Graymap
.pgpPGP Key File
.pi1Animated NeoChrome
.pi2Animated NeoChrome
.pi3Animated NeoChrome
.picPICT Image
.pictPICT Image
.pitPackIt Archive
.pkgAppleLink Package
.plPerl Program
.plsMP3 PlayLists
.pltAnimated NeoChrome
.pmAnimated NeoChrome
.pm3PageMaker 3 Document
.pm4PageMaker 3 Document
.pm5PageMaker 3 Document
.pngPNG Image
.pnmPBM Image
.pntMacPaint Image
.pntgOS/2 Bitmap/MacPaint Image
.potMicrosoft PowerPoint Show
.ppaMicrosoft PowerPoint Show
.ppmPortable Pixmap
.ppsMicrosoft PowerPoint Show
.pptMicrosoft PowerPoint Show
.preLotus Freelance Document
.przLotus Freelance Document
.psPostscript Document
.psdPhotoShop Document
.pt4PageMaker 3 Document
.pt5PageMaker 3 Document
.pwzMicrosoft PowerPoint Show
.pxrPhotoShop Document
.qcpQCP Audio
.qdvAnimated NeoChrome
.qifOS/2 Bitmap
.qtQuickTime Movie
.qtiQuickTime Image
.qtifQuickTime Image
.qxdQuarkXpress Document
.qxtQuarkXpress Document
.raRealAudio Clip
.ramRealPlayer File
.rasCMU Raster Image
.rawAnimated NeoChrome
.rfRealFlash Clip
.rgbSGI Image/RGB Image
.rgbaSGI Image
.rifAnimated NeoChrome
.rjsRealSystem Skin
.rleAnimated NeoChrome
.rmRealMedia File
.rmmRealPlayer File
.rmpRealJukebox Music Package
.rmxRealSystem Secure Media Clip
.rnxRealPlayer File
.rpRealPix Clip
.rplReplica Document
.rpmRealPlayer Plugin
.rscResource File
.rsmlRealSystem ML File
.rsrcResource File
.rtRealText Clip
.rtfRich Text Format File
.rtsReal Time Streaming Protocol
.rtspReal Time Streaming Protocol
.rvRealVideo Clip
.s3m669 MOD Music
.samLotus WordPro Document
.sc2Microsoft Schedule+ Application
.sccAnimated NeoChrome
.scdMicrosoft Schedule+ Application
.scgAnimated NeoChrome
.schMicrosoft Schedule+ Application
.sciAnimated NeoChrome
.scmLotus ScreenCam Movie
.scpAnimated NeoChrome
.scrAnimated NeoChrome
.scuAnimated NeoChrome
.sd2DV Video
.sdpSession Description Protocol/Scalable Multicast
.seaSelf-Extracting Archive
.sfIRCAM Sound
.sgiOS/2 Bitmap/SGI Image
.sgmSGML Document
.sgmlSGML Document
.shBourne Shell Program
.sharUnix Shell Archive
.shpAnimated NeoChrome
.shtmHTML web page with server-side include
.shtmlHTML web page with server-side include
.sitMacintosh StuffIt Archive
.sitStuffIt Archive
.sixAnimated NeoChrome
.smiSMIL Document
.smilSMIL Document
.sndAmiga OctaMed music
.sndAU Audio
.sndULAW Audio
.spcAnimated NeoChrome
.splFutureSplash Player
.srAnimated NeoChrome
.ssmStandard Streaming Metafile
.stmHTML web page with server-side include
.sunAnimated NeoChrome
.supAnimated NeoChrome
.svxAmiga OctaMed music
.swfShockwave Flash
.tarUnix Tape Archive
.targaOS/2 Bitmap/Targa Truevision Image
.tazUnix Compressed (.z) Files
.tclTCL Program
.texTeX Document
.texiGNU TeXinfo Document
.texinfoGNU TeXinfo Document
.textText File
.tgaOS/2 Bitmap/Targa Truevision Image
.tgzGZIP File
.tifTIFF Image
.tiffTIFF Image
.tnyAnimated NeoChrome
.ttcOpenType Font
.ttfOpenType Font
.txtText File
.ulAU Audio
.ulwAU Audio
.urlURL Bookmark
.uuUUEncoded Data
.uueUUEncoded Data
.vbsVB Script in text file/MPEG Video
.vewLotus Approach Document
.vffAnimated NeoChrome
.vfwMicrosoft Video
.vgaOS/2 Bitmap
.vobDV Video
.vocAmiga OctaMed music
.w51WordPerfect PC 5.1 Doc
.wafWebsite Archive
.wavWAV Audio
.webCompiled JavaScript and HTML, ready to be served by NES
.wizWord Document
.wk1Lotus Spreadsheet r2.1
.wk3Lotus 123 Document
.wk4Lotus 123 Document
.wksLotus Spreadsheet r2.1
.wmfWindows MetaFile image
.wpWordPerfect PC 5.1 Doc
.wp4WordPerfect PC 4.2 Doc
.wp5WordPerfect PC 5.1 Doc
.wp6WordPerfect PC 4.2 Doc
.wpdWordPerfect Document
.wpgAnimated NeoChrome
.wpmWordPerfect PC 4.2 Doc
.wrlVRML File
.wsWindows Script File (beta versions of WSH)
.wsfWindows Script File used by WSH
.wshWSH control file
.wveAmiga OctaMed music
.x10X-Windows Dump
.x11X-Windows Dump
.xbmX-Windows Bitmap
.xlcExcel Worksheet
.xlmExcel Worksheet
.xlsExcel Worksheet
.xlsMicrosoft Excel Worksheet
.xltExcel Worksheet
.xlwExcel Worksheet
.xm669 MOD Music
.xmlXML (Extensible Markup Language) Document
.xpmX-Windows Pixmap
.xslXML style sheet Document
.xwdX-Windows Dump
.zUnix Compressed Files
.zipZIP Archives
.zooZoo Archive


See also:.jar, .java, .js, <SCRIPT ARCHIVE="...">, <SCRIPT SRC="...">, external.AddChannel(), Host environment, HTML file, Platform, proxy.pac