JavaScript version (Standard)

The version history for JavaScript.

JavaScript was initially developed by Netscape Communications and was originally called LiveScript 1.0. Around that time, the Java language was becoming more popular and possibly as a marketing ploy, the name of LiveScript was changed to JavaScript. It was first available to the public in version 2.0 of Netscape.

LiveScript 1.0NoThe original precursor to JavaScript
JavaScript 1.0NoNetscape 2.0 implemented this. Now mostly obsolete.
JavaScript 1.1YesSupported in Netscape 3.0 and Netscape Enterprise Server 2.0. Also suppored in Opera 3.0. More robust and better support for arrays. Image replacement and access to plugin properties. Scroll control.
JavaScript 1.2NoNetscape 4.0 to 4.05 added RegExp, switch and delete. Screen object and interval timer. Window move & resize. Object and array literals added.
JavaScript 1.3YesVersion 4.06 to 4.76 of Netscape adds better exception handling. Also supported by Netscape Enterprise Server 3.
JavaScript 1.4YesNetscape version 5.0 (not widely released).
JavaScript 1.5YesNetscape 6.0 (final beta stages at time of writing).

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