Currency symbol (Definition)

A symbol that denotes a locale-specific currency.

Many (but not all) currency symbols are defined as Unicode character code points. The currently extant standard does not adequately support the Euro symbol in common use, although it is generally available in the fonts that ship with MacOS and Windows.

Here is a list of the Unicode defined currency symbols at this time:

0023#Hash sign
0024$USA (Dollar)
00A2¢USA (Cent)
00A3£United Kingdom (Pound)
00A4¤General currency symbol
00A5¥Japan (Yen)
0E3F-Thailand (Baht)
20A0-Euro currency sign
20A1-Costa Rica & El Salvador (Colon)
20A2-Brazil (Cruzeiro)
20A3-France (Franc)
20A4£Italy (Lira - similar to 00A3)
20A5-USA (Mill - 1/10 cent)
20A6-Nigeria (Naira)
20A7-Spain (Peseta)
20A8-India (Rupee - can be drawn as Rs)
20A9-Korea (Won)
20AA-Israel (New Sheqel)
20AB-Vietnam (Dong)

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