Web browser (Definition)

A web browser can be used on a desktop computer, mobile device or TV set-top box to view web pages.

When JavaScript is built into a web browser, the interpreter is an integral part of the application. However, it is technically possible to separate the JavaScript interpreter and provide it as a service that is available to all applications in the system. This seems to be the way that JScript is going on the Windows platform. Whether the browser-based script environment is truly sharing the Windows Script Host facilities may depend on the browser version being used.

A web browser based interpreter will execute JavaScript that is provided in the following containers:

* An HTML page

* A JavaScript include (.js file)

* A Java archive (.jar file)

To add JavaScript to your HTML pages, you need to add <SCRIPT> tags as containers for the script source text.

See also:.jar, .java, .js, <SCRIPT>, Host environment, HTML, HTML file, iCab, Image object, Image(), Image.Class, Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, OpenTV, Opera, Platform, WebTV


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