onBeforeUpdate (Event handler)

An event called before an update happens.


JScript - 3.0
Internet Explorer - 4.0
Property/method value type:Boolean primitive
JavaScript syntax:IEmyObject.onbeforeupdate = aHandler
HTML syntax:<HTMLTag onBeforeUpdate="...">
Argument list:aHandlerA reference to a function object to handle the event
Supported by objects:APPLET, AREA, BODY, BUTTON, CAPTION, Checkbox, DIV, Document, FIELDSET, IMG, Input, OBJECT, RadioButton, Select, TABLE, TD, TEXTAREA, TH

Database updates my require some data integrity checks to be carried out. This event trigger allows some checking to take place at an opportune moment, immedately before the update happens.

See also:Event, Event handler, Event model, Event names, Event object, Event.returnValue, Handler, onAfterUpdate, Semantic event