Pkcs11 object (Object/Navigator)

A hitherto undocumented object type supported by Netscape.


JavaScript - 1.2
Netscape - 4.04
JavaScript syntax:NmyPkcs11 = myWindow.pkcs11
NmyPkcs11 = pkcs11

The Pkcs11 object is part of the security model built into Netscape Navigator. It is otherwise known as Cryptoki and is provided by RSA Data Security, Inc.

They implement a C language API that has now been mapped to Java as well. According to the Netscape web site, it is not a fully-fledged object oriented API, but can be readily understood by programmers already familiar with Cryptoki.

According to the release notes, Netscape 4.04 added support for the FORTEZZA PKCS#11 module for making use of the FORTEZZA Crypto Card and FORTEZZA cryptographic algorithms (KEA and Skipjack) when using SSL and S/MIME. Although a link was provided for more details, it appears that the support documents may have been moved or deleted.

See also:Cryptoki, Window.pkcs11

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