Event type constants (Constant/static)

Netscape defines a set of constants that represent event types.

Netscape provides some static properties of the Event object class that define mask values for event types. These can then be combined with a bitwise OR operator to build a mask that can be applied with the captureEvents() and releaseEvents() methods that are supported by Window, Document and Layer objects.

Here is a list of the available event type constants:

BitConstantEvent type
2^0MOUSEDOWNThe mouse button was pressed while the pointer was over the element.
2^1MOUSEUPThe mouse button was released while the pointer was within the extent region of the element.
2^2MOUSEOVERThe mouse has just moved over the extent region of the element.
2^3MOUSEOUTThe mouse has just moved out of the extent region of the element.
2^4MOUSEMOVEThe mouse was moved within the extent region of the element.
2^5undefinedReserved for future use.
2^6CLICKThe element has been clicked on.
2^7DBLCLICKThe element has been double-clicked on.
2^8KEYDOWNA key was pressed while the element had focus.
2^9KEYUPA key was released while the element had focus.
2^10KEYPRESSA key was pressed and released again while the element had focus.
2^11DRAGDROPSome entity has been dragged over and dropped onto the element.
2^12FOCUSThe element has had input focus restored to it.
2^13BLURWindow or input element has lost input focus.
2^14SELECTAn item in a pop-up menu was selected.
2^15CHANGEThe input element's value has changed.
2^16RESETThe [RESET] button within a <FORM> was clicked.
2^17SUBMITThe [SUBMIT] button within a <FORM> was clicked.
2^18undefinedReserved for future use.
2^19LOADAn element (usually a <BODY> or <IMG>) has completed loading.
2^20UNLOADThe element (usually a <BODY>) is about to be unloaded.
2^21undefinedReserved for future use.
2^22ABORTImage loading was aborted.
2^23ERRORA script error has occurred.
2^24undefinedReserved for future use.
2^25MOVEThe element (usually a Window) was moved.
2^26RESIZEThe element (usually a Window) was resized.
2^27undefinedReserved for future use.
2^28undefinedReserved for future use.
2^29undefinedReserved for future use.
2^30undefinedReserved for future use.
2^31undefinedReserved for future use.

See also:captureEvents(), Document.captureEvents(), Document.releaseEvents(), Event object, Event.eventPhase, Event.type, Keyboard events, Layer.captureEvents(), Layer.releaseEvents(), Window.captureEvents(), Window.releaseEvents()