Nombas ScriptEase (Product)

A standalone JavaScript interpreter.

This is an example of a JavaScript interpreter than can be used in several contexts.

The ScriptEase Web Server Edition (SEWSE) can be used in the backend of a server to accomplish much of what you might do with <SERVER> tags in the Netscape Enterprise Server or with Microsoft ASP. SEWSE is called as part of the CGI mechanism in the web server.

The Script Ease Desk Top implementation provides a way to use JavaScript to control desktop actions. This is available cross platform and accomplishes the kind of things you might do with AppleScript on a Macintosh or Windows Script Host in the Microsoft Windows environment.

The SEWSE interpreter can also be used for general purpose scripting in the Unix environment in much the way you would use Bourne, Korn or C shells or the Perl interpreter.

You can also embed Script Ease into your own applications and add scriptability to them.

See also:Standalone JavaScript