Packages (Property)

An alias for the window.Packages property.


JavaScript - 1.1
Netscape - 3.0
Opera - 3.0
Property/method value type:JavaPackage object
JavaScript syntax:NmyWindow.Packages

This property contains a read-only reference to a JavaPackage that sits at the top of the Java package hierarchy, the root node of the tree. A JavaPackage is a container for other JavaPackage objects and JavaClass objects. By default, the Netscape Navigator browser will have three packages belonging to this top-level node (java, sun, and Netscape), and these will contain other packages. There may be additional externally-supplied packages over and above these three default items.

It is understandable that Microsoft does not go very far with support for Java other than being able to run a Java applet. There is no access to Java packages directly from script in the same way. You can run a Java Applet and interact with that, but its not quite the same thing.

Perhaps because it is so platform-specific, not very many people have explored the use of packages very deeply, even on Netscape Navigator. That seems a shame because within a captive intranet situation, you might be able to accomplish some useful things by creating fragments of very powerful Java code and then calling them from JavaScript. There doesn't seem to be the lengthy start up time that's required to initiate an Applet either.

See also:Window.Packages

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