Element.all[] (Collection)

An array containing references to all elements within this element.


JScript - 3.0
Internet Explorer - 4.0
Property/method value type:Collection object
JavaScript syntax:IEmyElement.all

This property yields a collection of objects that are descendants within the DOM hierarchy of the receiver.

The collection (Array) contains a reference to all the objects that represent the contents of the HTML contained within the current Element object. If the Element object is the document, then this array will contain every single object within the document. If it represents a <TABLE> then it will contain references to objects within that table and none that live outside it.

The objects are listed strictly in the order in which they appear in the document source.

You can access the items by index number or you can operate on the collection with the item() or tags() methods. If you use index number access, MSIE allows you to use either square brackets or parentheses to delimit the index value. Associative references may also work if the target item has a NAME or ID value defined.

Refer to the topic that describes the Collection object for further details.

The event handling is also dealt with in a generic manner via the Element object. However some object sub-classes also support additional event types. Event types and handlers are dealt with in topics pertaining to each type of event.


See also:Anchor object, Collection object, Document.all[], Document.anchors[], Document.forms[], Document.images[], Document.links[], Element object, Form object, FormElement object, Hierarchy of objects, HyperLink object, Image object, LINK object

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