Bar object (Object/Navigator)

An object used to hold properties for toolbars, location bars etc.


JavaScript - 1.2
Netscape - 4.0
JavaScript syntax:NmyBar = locationbar
NmyBar = menubar
NmyBar = myWindow.locationbar
NmyBar = myWindow.menubar
NmyBar = myWindow.personalbar
NmyBar = myWindow.scrollbars
NmyBar = myWindow.statusbar
NmyBar = myWindow.toolbar
NmyBar = personalbar
NmyBar = scrollbars
NmyBar = statusbar
NmyBar = toolbar
Object properties:visible

This object is used to represent various items of window furniture (otherwise called chrome or adornments) in Netscape Navigator. It isn't supported by MSIE although the control facilities it offers are available when a new window is created with the method.

It only has one usable property. That is the visible property, which can be set to a Boolean value. Some early documentation referred to this as the visibility property but that is the wrong property name.

See also:Bar.visible, Window.locationbar, Window.menubar, Window.personalbar, Window.scrollbars, Window.statusbar, Window.toolbar

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