Window.menubar (Property)

A reference to an object that represents the menu bar.


JavaScript - 1.2
Netscape - 4.0
Property/method value type:Bar object
JavaScript syntax:-menubar

This is a read-only property containing a reference to a Bar object whose visible property contains a Boolean value that controls the visibility of the screen furniture represented by the object.

In this case, it is supposed to control the visibility of the menu bar.

The example shows how this can be done in a secure way that requires privilege to be granted and in a non-secure way that does not.


Example code:

   // Request necessary privileges"UniversalBrowserWrite");
   // Hide menu bar
   window.menubar.visible = false;
   // There is another way that works without requesting privilege'', '_top', 'menubar=0');

See also:Bar object, Frame object, UniversalBrowserWrite, Window furniture, Window object, Window.locationbar, Window.personalbar, Window.scrollbars, Window.statusbar, Window.toolbar

Property attributes:


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