TextRange.setEndPoint() (Method)

Set the end point of a text range.


JScript - 3.0
Internet Explorer - 4.0
JavaScript syntax:IEmyTextRange.setEndPoint(anOperator, aTextRange)
Argument list:anOperatorA selector for the kind of copy
aTextRangeA reference to another TextRange object

This method provides a way to copy start and end points between distinctly different TextRange objects. The first keyword is an operator to indicate the kind of copy to be carried out. The second argument is a reference to the second TextRange object that is to act as a source for the new values. Although this method is called setEndPoint(), it will allow both start and end points to be modified.

The following keywords can be passed in the first argument as string values:

There are no values returned by this method. The indicated end points are simply copied from the source range to the target range.

See also:TextRange.compareEndPoints()