<SCRIPT TYPE="..."> (HTML Tag Attribute)

The MIME type for a block of script code.


JavaScript - 1.2
JScript - 3.0
Internet Explorer - 4.0
Netscape - 4.0
HTML syntax:<SCRIPT TYPE="..."> someCode </SCRIPT>
Argument list:...A MIME type that signifies JavaScript source text.
someCodeSome script source text

This is an alternative method of selecting the interpreter to be used for the <SCRIPT> block. It has limited support prior to the version 4.0 browsers and so it may be less portable for a while.


Example code:

   <SCRIPT TYPE="text/JavaScript">
   document.write("Basic functionality")

See also:<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="...">, <SCRIPT>, <STYLE TYPE="...">, MIME types, SCRIPT.type, StyleSheet.type, text/JavaScript


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