Plugin events (Definition)

The events that are triggered by plugins are commonly referred to as callbacks.

There are basically three kinds of plugins available with web browsers. These are:

In Netscape Navigator, the LiveConnect mechanisms can run specific functions by name. This call-back mechanism is available to <EMBED> and <APPLET> plugins, but it isn't clear as to what extent this is supported by <OBJECT> plugins so you may need to experiment with your browser to see what works and what doesn't. Use the <EMBED> and <APPLET> functionality as a guideline because the plugin handlers are all likely to share some code. Even so, it requires the Java VM (Virtual Machine) to be started for it to work. LiveConnect also requires that the <APPLET> tag contains the MAYSCRIPT attribute to give the applet permission to communicate with JavaScript.

In MSIE, the callbacks are managed via ActiveX mechanisms. Again, an ActiveX object can call a named JavaScript function.


See also:<EMBED>, Event, LiveConnect, Plugin compatibility issues, Plugin object


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