Anchor.mimeType (Property)

Contains a long form human readable version of the MIME type of the document at the location specified by the anchor's URL.


JScript - 3.0
Internet Explorer - 4.0
Property/method value type:String primitive
JavaScript syntax:IEmyAnchor.mimeType

The MSIE browser maps the file extension of the file belonging to the anchor to an extended description of the file format, which it makes available through the mimeType property. Here is a list of some mimeType values it pays special attention to.

File type:MSIE expanded Mime type:
.cssMicrosoft CSS1 Style Sheet (W3C would have been more appropriate)
.gifGIF Image
.htcMicrosoft HTML Component file for behaviors
.htmMicrosoft HTML Document 4.0
.htmlMicrosoft HTML Document 4.0
.jpgJPEG Image
.jsMicrosoft JScript File (this is a bit presumptuous)
.txtText Document
.vbsMicrosoft VBScript File
.xxxAll unrecognized file types are returned as xxx File with no further expansion

Microsoft assert that .htm and .html files are "Microsoft HTML" and .css files are "Microsoft CSS1" style sheets. They also assert that .js files are "Microsoft JScript" files. Microsoft don't really own those file extensions across all platforms, nor indeed do they even own them on the Windows platform.


See also:MIME types, Url.mimeType

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