Java (Definition)

A language developed by Sun Microsystems that is useful for building plugins for web pages.

Java applets can call JavaScript by means of the exception event mechanism.

You can also embed fragments of JavaScript inside Java applets although there are some limitations to what you can accomplish with this.

For this to work, Java and JavaScript both have to be enabled and working. This may require some preference setting. It also only works in Netscape for the time being.

Things are slightly different with Netscape 6.0. No longer do you get a Java VM packed and embedded in the browser. Instead, it depends on the one you have installed in the OS. If you don't have one installed or if Netscape can't find it, then Java won't work. There's not a great deal of help provided on this aspect of the installation.

Once you do have it installed and working, the Java connectivity should behave as it did before.


See also:Java exception events, JavaScript embedded in Java, Plugin object


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