view-source: URL (Request method)

You can use this for debugging in both Netscape and MSIE.

This is a useful debugging aid in some circumstances. Sometimes it is hard to download a file and this may give you a workaround.

To display a window containing the HTML version of a directory in the client machine, try this:


It works at least on Netscape version 4.7 on a Macintosh. It likely works on other platforms and versions of Netscape too.

The top level directory is the folder in which Netscape lives.

On a Macintosh at least, you can append a disk volume name, like this:


Beyond that you can build a path to any document in the Macintosh system, including this, which is very interesting.


This displays a preferences file:


With this level of read access to your client machine, you might be able to browse various file content that normally you wouldn't have time to do. Point at a file and its data is visible right there on the screen in a browser window.


See also:file: URL, javascript: URL, URL