RUBY object (Object/HTML)

A ruby is an annotation or pronunciation guide for a string of text. The string of text annotated with a ruby is referred to as the base.


JScript - 5.0
Internet Explorer - 5.0
Inherits from:Element object
JavaScript syntax:IEmyRuby = myDocument.all.anElementID
IEmyRuby = myDocument.all.tags("RUBY")[anIndex]
IEmyRuby = myDocument.all[aName]
-myRuby = myDocument.getElementById(anElementID)
-myRuby = myDocument.getElementsByName(aName)[anIndex]
-myRuby = myDocument.getElementsByTagName("RUBY")[anIndex]
Argument list:anIndexA reference to an element in a collection
aNameAn associative array reference
anElementIDThe ID value of an Element object
Collections:all[], attributes[], childNodes[], children[], filters[]

To create a RUBY object, you use the <RUBY> HTML tag like this:


Some base text

<RT>Some ruby text


The <RT> tag creates an RT object.

See also:Element object, style.rubyAlign, style.rubyOverhang, style.rubyPosition

Inheritance chain:

Element object, Node object