JSSTag.margins() (Method)

Sets all margin values for an object.


CSS level - 1
JavaScript - 1.2
Netscape - 4.0
JavaScript syntax:NmyJSSTag.margins(aTop, aHoriz, aBottom)
NmyJSSTag.margins(aTop, aRight, aBottom, aLeft)
NmyJSSTag.margins(aVert, aHoriz)
CSS syntax:margin: aTop, aHoriz, aBottom margin: aTop, aRight, aBottom, aLeft margin: aValue margin: aVert, aHoriz
Argument list:aBottomA margin applied at the bottom
aHorizA margin applied left and right
aLeftA margin applied to the left
aRightA margin applied to the right
aTopA margin applied at the top
aValueA margin value applied all round
aVertA margin applied top and bottom

This method provides a way to set all four margin values at once. The number of arguments is variable and the values are applied in different ways according to how many are supplied.


See also:JavaScript Style Sheets, style.margin