Window.pkcs11 (Property)

A hitherto undocumented property of a Netscape Navigator Window object.


JavaScript - 1.2
Netscape - 4.04
Property/method value type:Pkcs11 object
JavaScript syntax:NmyWindow.pkcs11

This is part of the Netscape Navigator security model. It's not something you would expect to interact with from JavaScript as a rule.

There are some quite extensive documents covering the use of this facility on the Netscape web site in the developer area.

Some examination with diagnostic scripts does not yield any useful properties, or at least none that can be enumerated. There is a constructor which has a name and prototype property. The prototype of the constructor points back at the Pkcs11 object itself.

It is somewhat worrying that this object is visible from JavaScript unless there is a genuine reason for being able to access it from script. It may be related to the crypto property and also used in conjunction with signed scripts.

If this is a subject you are interested in, there is more information to be studied which is available from a variety of sources. A web search through yielded over 150 references, some of which document the availability of a Java interface to the PKCS11 security support.

Security in MSIE is supported via other mechanisms and you should search the MSDN web site for relevant links. Links to topics in the MSDN site are relocated from time to time and it is best to search there directly.

See also:Pkcs11 object

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