style.speakHeader (Property)

Part of the aural style control suite that defines whether a table cell's header description is spoken before the content of the cell itself.


CSS level - 2
DOM level - 2
Property/method value type:String primitive
JavaScript syntax:nonemyStyle.speakHeader
CSS syntax:speak-header: aSwitch
Argument list:aSwitchA control for how often to speak table headers

When the contents of a table are being read out, it can become confusing if the table content is simply read out cell by cell. This property indicates how often the column headings should be read out prior to reading the contents of each cell. It supports the keywords once and always.

The once keyword dictates that table column headings should be spoken once at the start of reading out the table.

The always keyword mandates that the column heading be spoken immediately prior to each cell in the row.

Other keywords may be added to this property in due course to allow more flexible ways of reading out table headings.


See also:Aural style sheets