filter - RevealTrans() (Filter/reveal)

A reveal filter for controlling transitions.


JScript - 3.0
Internet Explorer - 4.0

This reveal filter controls a transition effect that specifies the kind of wipe to use between the hiding and showing of a filtered element.

The duration name=value pair is specified in the same way as for the blendTrans() filter. It specifies a floating point value in seconds which controls how quickly the effect should take place.

The transition-shape name=value pair specifies the kind of wipe effect to use. It is an integer value which defines the following wipe patterns:

00Box in
01Box out
02Circle in
03Circle out
04Wipe up
05Wipe down
06Wipe right
07Wipe left
08Vertical blinds
09Horizontal blinds
10Checkerboard across
11Checkerboard down
12Random dissolve
13Split vertical in
14Split vertical out
15Split horizontal in
16Split horizontal out
17Strips left down
18Strips left up
19Strips right down
20Strips right up
21Random bars horizontal
22Random bars vertical

These are loosely modelled on some of the standard SMPTE wipes and dissolves although the full complement is not available.

This is deprecated in favor of using named filters that provide the visual transition effect.


See also:filter - BlendTrans(), Filter object, style.filter, Transition