Category of an object (Definition)

Why we categorize topics the way we do.

Objects, properties and methods fall into many categories. It helps to understand why an item is available and what it does if you can map it into a particular context. Here is a summary of the different categories we use:

BrowserLanguage elements that are really only useful on the browser side.
CoreLanguage elements that form part of the core of the language.
DesktopLanguage facilities provided to aid desktop automation.
EmbeddedLanguage facilities particularly intended for use in embedded interpreters.
GenericTopics that discuss something that could be used server-side or client-side are categorized as generic. Properties and objects may be defined server-side and deployed client-side.
MicrosoftThere are many proprietary additions by Microsoft. These are the particularly noteworthy items and are generally non portable.
ServerLanguage elements that are really only useful on the server-side.
ShellLanguage facilities that are added for use in shell scripts.