Connection.storedProc() (Method)

This method creates a Stproc object and then runs the stored procedure on the database server.


JavaScript - 1.2
Netscape Enterprise Server - 3.0
JavaScript syntax:NESmyConnection.storedProc(aProcName)
NESmyConnection.storedProc(aProcName, aProcParm)
Argument list:aProcNameThe name of a stored procedure to call
aProcParmA parameter or parameters to pass to the stored procedure

Stored procedures are pre-programmed code that lives inside the database. They generally encompass searches that are more complex than the simple select ... from ... where ... SQL statements.

Stored procedures in some database products cannot yield a record structure the same as a select query would. This is because they are not associated with any particular table and so they return the results as a resultSet rather than a table record. You may need to do additional work to turn the resultSet into the objects you need.


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