style.layoutGrid (Property)

An MSIE extension that provides a means of laying out objects on a grid.


CSS level - Proposed
JScript - 5.0
Internet Explorer - 5.0
Property/method value type:String primitive
JavaScript syntax:IEmyStyle.layoutGrid
CSS syntax:layout-grid: aLayout
Argument list:aLayoutOne of the available layout grid control keywords

The layout grid is especially useful when presenting Asian text. This uses ideographic characters where each single character represents a word on its own. They need to be arranged in an orderly manner but it is quite inconvenient to build a table with one cell for each character. A layout grid accomplishes the lining up and justification of each column and row in a much more convenient manner.

This is a convenience method for specifying all of the grid control values in a single assignment.

The values for the following related properties should be used to specify this value:

Only the style.layoutGridCharSpacing is not supported by this short cut.

Since the namespaces for the values that can be used in these properties clash with one another, they should be presented in the following order:

<mode> <type> <line> <char>

Refer to the topics for these individual properties for details of the available values you can use.

See also:style.layoutGridChar, style.layoutGridCharSpacing, style.layoutGridLine, style.layoutGridMode, style.layoutGridType