response.server (Property)

A reference to the server object is created automatically when the server is started.


JavaScript - 1.1
Netscape Enterprise Server - 2.0
Property/method value type:server object
JavaScript syntax:NESserver

This property refers to the globally available server-wide shared server object. There is only one of these and it is available to all sessions, application projects and client requests.

This is an object that allows you to share property values across all sessions running in all applications across the entire server. The locking facilities permit you to lock resources while you are using them.

Because this applies server-wide, there is even more reason to ensure you lock objects for the minimum of time and relinquish the locks as soon as possible. It is quite feasible to completely stall the whole server by locking a vital resource during the processing of a single client request. The effect of this is to make your server a single-threaded non-concurrent session server. That is, it will only actually serve one client request at a time.

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