project.lock() (Method)

A means of locking resources that might be shared by several sessions.


JavaScript - 1.1
Netscape Enterprise Server version - 2.0
JavaScript syntax:NESproject.lock()

The project lock would be used at a higher hierarchical level than the Lock object that you might use for general purpose locking within a session.

It is even more important that you don't hog a lock on the project object as this can cause severe performance problems.

The lock will stall if another script currently has a lock extant on this project. The method will then return when that lock is relinquished.

If you are accessing files for writing in a server-side application (within NES), you should make sure the project locking is activated to avoid file corruption happening if there are multiple simultaneous accesses to the file.

Example code:

   // An example file access with project level locking to prevent
   // file corruption.
   myFileObject.writeln("Append this line to the file.");

See, server.lock()