external.AddDesktopComponent() (Method)

A means of adding an image or web site link to the desktop workspace.


JScript - 5.0
Internet Explorer - 5.0
JavaScript syntax:IEmyExternal.AddDesktopComponent(aURL, aType)
IEmyExternal.AddDesktopComponent(aURL, aType, aLeft)
IEmyExternal.AddDesktopComponent(aURL, aType, aLeft, aTop )
IEmyExternal.AddDesktopComponent(aURL, aType, aLeft, aTop, aWidth)
IEmyExternal.AddDesktopComponent(aURL, aType, aLeft, aTop, aWidth, aHeight)
Argument list:aURLThe URL where the resource can be located
aTypeWhat kind of item is added to the desktop
aLeftLeft edge position
aTopTop edge position
aWidthSize width
aHeightSize height

This provides a way of customizing the underlying desktop with shortcuts and images.

You must always specify the URL value and the type indicator. The remaining option arguments describe the position and size of the item being placed on the desktop.

The type value must be one of:

This only works if you have the Active Desktop support installed. If it is not installed, this method does nothing.

Example code:

   //Add the Wrox web site as a desktop item
   window.external.AddDesktopComponent("http://www.wrox.com", "website", 100, 100, 200, 200);