external.AutoCompleteSaveForm() (Method)

Support for external applications and objects when using MSIE in the Windows environment. This accesses the auto-complete mechanisms.


JScript - 5.0
Internet Explorer - 5.0
JavaScript syntax:IEmyExternal.AutoCompleteSaveForm(aForm)
Argument list:aFormA reference to a form object

This method provides a way to save the contents of the text and password fields in the auto complete storage area of your computer. Normally this would happen when the form is submitted but you can call this method to save the values without submitting the form.

If necessary, you can override the auto-complete capabilities for individual fields by means of the AUTOCOMPLETE HTML tag attribute being applied to the appropriate form input elements.

This method takes one argument that is mandatory. This argument is an object reference to the form whose fields are to be stored in the auto-complete registers.