external.ImportExportFavorites() (Method)

A mechanism for storing favorites lists on a server and getting them back later.


JScript - 5.0
Internet Explorer - 5.0
JavaScript syntax:IEmyExternal.ImportExportFavourites(aFlag, aURL)
Argument list:aFlagA direction indicator
aURLA storage URL location

This is useful in a corporate environment where you may want to define a set of standard favorites and download them to the user's browser when they access the corporate Intranet.

Both arguments are mandatory so you must specify the direction and server location. This also requires that you have a server set up correctly to handle these requests.

The flag value should be false to save the favorites list and true to restore from the server.

When the method is called, the browser will ask you to confirm that you want to upload or download the favorites collection. The server needs to be carefully set up to erase any favorites that were previously stored unless you want to gradually accumulate a larger and larger collection of stored favorites. This deletion on the server does not propagate into the browser and any favorites retrieved from the server are merged with the existing set in the client browser.

It is not clear from the documentation whether duplicates are eliminated and if they are not, then it is likely that a later version of the browser would provide this capability.

If you do not specify a location value, then the browser will open a file dialog so you can import and export to the local file system. You must still provide an argument, but it can be an empty string to trigger this behavior.