userProfile.addReadRequest() (Method)

Adds a request to read a property of the user profile. These are queued up to have permission requested from the user.


JScript - 3.0
Internet Explorer - 4.0
JavaScript syntax:IEnavigator.userProfile.addReadRequest(anAttribute)
Argument list:anAttributeOne of the valid vCard attribute names

This method adds a request to the queue. Each request denotes the parameters within the user profile that the script needs to access. You may call this method several times, each time asking for a different user preference. You won't initially be granted access to them until you have executed the doReadRequest() method. If the user affirms that you can access these values, then on its return, you can use the getAttribute() method to access the value you need. You can only access values you have requested and which the user has affirmed.

Here is a list of all the user preference attributes that you can request:

See also:userProfile object, userProfile.clearRequest(), userProfile.doReadRequest(), userProfile.getAttribute(), vCard object