userProfile.doReadRequest() (Method)

Execute the current queue of read requests, asking the user for permission to access these properties of the profile.


JScript - 3.0
Internet Explorer - 4.0
JavaScript syntax:IEnavigator.userProfile.doReadRequest(aCode)
IEnavigator.userProfile.doReadRequest(aCode, aName)
IEnavigator.userProfile.doReadRequest(aCode, aName, aDomain)
IEnavigator.userProfile.doReadRequest(aCode, aName, aDomain, aPath)
IEnavigator.userProfile.doReadRequest(aCode, aName, aDomain, aPath, anExpire)
Argument list:aCodeThe use code selects an explanatory message
aDomainA server domain
aNameA name denoting who is asking
anExpireAn expiry date for the permissions
aPathA document path

Having queued some requests to read user preferences, of course you would only request access to ones you genuinely needed. Then you should call this method. It presents the user with a dialog asking for permission to access the listed preference values. If the user decides to grant access, you will have access to the user preferences, but only to the ones you have requested.

There are a set of optional parameters for this method although the first argument is mandatory. These arguments are:

Here is a list of the usage codes for use with the first argument:

0System administrator request.
1Research and development.
2Complete current transaction.
3Modify the site content.
4Improve site content.
5Notify about updates to the site.
6Contacting for sales leads.
7Linking to other information already collected.
8Other unspecified purposes.
9Disclosure to other parties for reasons of updating the site.
10Disclosure to other parties for marketing purposes.
11Disclosure to other parties for marketing purposes with your permission.
12Disclosure to other parties for any other purposes.

See also:userProfile object, userProfile.addReadRequest()