Number.toExponential() (Method)

Converts the number to an exponential format representation.


ECMAScript edition - 3
JavaScript - 1.5
JScript - 5.5
Internet Explorer - 5.5
Netscape - 6.0
Property/method value type:String primitive
JavaScript syntax:-myNumber.toExponential(aNumber)
Argument list:aNumberThe number of digits after the decimal point

This method is useful for formatting number values. This is especially helpful when presenting tables of scientific data, which may require values of a wide range of magnitudes to be presented in a similar way.

The argument value indicates the precision or decimal places of accuracy to the right of the decimal point character. If the argument is undefined, then as many digits as are necessary to completely distinguish the value are presented (up to the mathematical accuracy of the implementation).

See also:Number.toFixed(), Number.toPrecision(), Number.toString()


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